Why A New Story

Giving leftover materials a new purpose – and a new story to tell A New Story designs and manufactures sustainable fashion, apparel and home décor - from string bags and computer sleeves to decorative pillows, coats and sweaters.

All our designs are made from leftover materials – fabrics, leather and yarn - that originally were destined for something entirely different, but never made it that far.
Maybe the dye turned out to be the wrong shade, or maybe the design got discontinued.
Whatever the reason, the materials were left to gather dust or were bound for the landfill.
The story could end right here at the landfill, but it doesn’t. Instead we rescue the materials from their dreary destiny and give them a second chance.
And this is why we call ourselves A New Story: We take leftover materials that would otherwise have been thrown away and give them a new purpose, a new design – and a new story to tell.
We are passionate about sustainability and believe that throwing out beautiful, high-quality fabrics, leather and yarn is a meaningless waste of resources.
Bringing them back to life and rewriting their stories on the other hand make all the sense in the world.
This is the beginning of A New Story – let’s tell it together.

About us

Sustainable Nordic design
A New Story is a Danish design company specialising in fashion, apparel, accessories and home décor made from leftover and deadstock materials.
Our product portfolio is versatile and spans a variety of design items including coats, jackets and sweaters, string bags and computer sleeves as well as home décor such as decorative pillows and spreads.
All our designs are developed by creative Danish designers and manufactured at our modern production facility in Lithuania. We have an in-house design team and regularly collaborate with freelance designers to create an inspiring and dynamic design environment.

We are deeply grounded in the Nordic design tradition, and all of our designs strive to fuse elegant simplicity and a timeless aesthetic with superior functionality and durability.
Our company is driven by a desire to create change within the fashion and design industry, and we are passionate about sustainability, the environment, people and planet.
Rescuing fabrics, yarn and leather from landfills instead of producing new materials is our contribution to reducing the depletion of raw materials and cutting back on pollution.
Learn more about our passion for leftover materials here.